About Us

About Us

Joshi’s journey in textiles, especially handloom fabrics, started in 2006 at Machilipatnam, through printing of Kalamkari Fabrics, in year 2014 Joshi Textiles comes into operations, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

“Joshi” is to support the weavers those who are really hard working and involving in the weaving and continuing to weaving the fabric.

Joshi is started as a single small store that rapidly progressed to a big one and then branched to Bangalore. Today the seed of the single shop has flowered into a family enterprise with global operations that includes manufacturing and printing activities of fabrics in wholesale that is also sold in retail and online.

Our Purpose

Joshi Textiles in HANDLOOM

From the beginning, Joshi has had its strength in traditional handloom Fabric, by concentrating its mite there. An association with master weavers and craftsmen in traditional handloom pockets across India has been with the idea of contributing to the cause of Indian ethnic that aims to foster and encourage the skills and craftsmanship of the Indian handloom weaver, by providing opportunities for growth and strengthen.

During the journey we realized, that the market for handloom has been showing a rising trend in the demand for original, artistic, eye-catching designs that we sensed could be met partially with the manner in which the sarees were printed on Cotton and Cotton Silk.

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